Five Ways This Site Can Save You Money!

Colorful seed beads backgroundHere are five ways we can help you save money and maintain your cash flow.

  1. The Largest Collection of Free Crafts Contracts.  We offer the broadest collection of free crafts-related contracts with explanations. Each section of every contract is discussed so you understand everything you’re signing (including the boilerplate).
  2. Get Proactive with Legal Protection. Whether it’s registering copyrights, trademarks, or design patents, we tell you how to do it yourself (and when to bring in a lawyer).
  3. Avoid Trouble with Workers. Don’t lose time or money with employee and contractor hassles. We help you wade through the hiring minefield.
  4. Limit Your Liability. Does your crafts business place personal assets at risk? Is your crafts partner burdening your business with debts? We explain the most cost effective business forms for tax and liability purposes.
  5. Avoid Sales Hassles. Whether you’re selling wholesale, retail, or on consignment, your inventory and money are on the line. Learn to protect and assert your rights as a seller.