Wholesale Invoice

By downloading or copying this agreement, you agree not to distribute the agreement as a blank legal form or to create a download link directly to the agreement.

Wholesale Invoice

In the event you want to create your own custom invoice, we have provided a downloadable template.

At a minimum, your order form should include:

  • information about your company (name, address, phone and so on).
  • date of the order
  • information about the buyer, including customer account number, “ship to” address, sales tax number and “bill to” person
  • purchase order number
  • ship date and method of shipping, and
  • order information including quantity, item number, description, price each and total cost.

It’s normal to include a statement in the invoice that the order cannot be canceled. After all, a deal is a deal, and most stores understand that. If you want, you can seek compensation in the event of cancellation. For example, in the sample invoice, check the box, “Buyer agrees that in the event the order is cancelled, there is a cancellation fee of __% of balance due.” Although some crafts businesses use such language, always keep in mind that if a store fails to pay it, you must go to court to enforce the agreement. The same is true for the optional statements regarding interest payments and collection fees. When preparing your own invoices, you can decide whether to use this language or delete it.

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