Copyright Assignments

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Copyright Assignment
Artwork Assignment

Basic Assignment

The Basic Copyright Assignment Agreement is a stripped-down assignment that provides for transfers of copyright from one party to another.

In the first two blanks of the first paragraph, insert the artist’s name and the title of the work. In the next blank space, either describe the work or enter “See Attachment A” and attach a copy of the work to the assignment. If you attach a copy, be sure to label it “Attachment A.”

In the next paragraph, insert the amount of the payment and the name of the assignee. The artist (or artists) must sign the agreement.

Artwork Assignment Agreement

The Artwork Assignment agreement provides for assignment of a copyright in artwork, but can be modified to cover photography or crafts. The assignment includes optional provisions for payment of expenses and for dispute resolution. Below is an explanation for the provisions in the Artwork Assignment agreement.

Since the artist is assigning all rights in the performance, the “Grant” section is as broad as possible, and the artist will not retain any rights to the artwork.

The “Services” section should be used if the artist has been hired to perform a specific job. If the artwork has already been completed and this provision is not needed, strike it or enter “N/A” for “not applicable.”

The “Warranty” section is an assurance that the artist owns the rights being granted and a promise not to sue the company for legal claims such as copyright infringement. If you wish, you may include an arbitration or mediation section.

It’s unusual that the artist would be a minor, but in that event, the artist and the artist’s parent or guardian should sign a consent that states something to the effect of: “I am the parent or guardian of the minor named above. I have the legal right to consent to and do consent to the terms and conditions of this agreement.”